What could be finer than being at the foot of the first staircase? 100,000 punters passing by on their way in - and out!
My little Mirror was admired and the owner of number, 3, 14, 61, 107...... and the first owner of no 32 all came past with stories to tell:

Dear Peter,

I was interested to see Mirror 32 at Southampton this week. It used to belong to my father's cousin, who I think bought it in about 1966 - I bought 1471 that year or the year after. I certainly sailed against M32 many times, and I think I probably sailed in it too, though I can't really be sure this many years later. Somewhere around 1967 I made 2 balsa models of Mirrors, using lines published in one of the yachting magazines. One had 1471 on the sail and the other was 32, which I gave to the Andrews family for Christmas. I gather from William Andrew that it finally started to fall to pieces and ended up on the fire a few years ago - so the original has outlasted it!

As you know William Andrew took over ownership from his parents and had it in a garage for many years until he sold it to you fairly recently. 

So just to correct a couple of points on your history piece, it was in the Andrew's family for well over 25 years, probably about 45. Also William in fact lives just on the Devon side of the Tamar, and his family have lived on the Devon side for many years, and for as long as they owned Mirror 32. They used to sail at Weir Quay Sailing Club, which had just been formed at the time and, which still exists, on the Devon bank above and across from Calstock. I would race my Mirror there sometimes when my family were down for our annual holidays.

It was good to see the boat again, looking well looked after.


Peter Gray 

Other people not yet hooked by the 'Mirror Bug' were educated, and everyone was told about 'Tall Ship Adventures'. The lucky ones went away with free Newton Crum posters. Did you hear the announcement 'On your way out don't forget to collect your free 'tallships' poster...'?
My only regret was that I pulled the plug on an RNLI rescue of me and no32 from the shipping lane just off the pontoons. I'd fixed it all up with Calshot RNLI and they were all set to come up at 10.30 on Sunday 22nd. I called off due to Man Flue. Quite unforgivable.

10 days is a long time, and boredom is a funny thing, so just to pass the time we sailed in a 20 x 40 foot pond. It got on Facebook, so that's ok. Iconic even.