I went with the Vice Commodore of Shearwater to 'Bristol Corinthians Sailing Club' and sailed in a good easterly on Sunday.
Great fun. We found ourselves neck and neck with a Laser 2000 no 21___ and we were surprised to see it biff the penultimate mark with it's boom. We waited in vain for the resulting penalty turns to happen. They didn't.  I protest!!!!!  
Back in the warm clubhouse, the lunch was fantastic. The setting is lovely and the sailing, in a big circle of clear water, was grand. Well worth all the cold and even the snow that started as we packed up. Apparently the lake was 5 degrees - the same temperature as Centre Parc's plunge pool. No thanks. Fortunately our luck was in and Martyn is a great helm. 
...and it's our First thrash on Sunday 3rd March.