Your chance to help tall ships youth trust by doing any of the following:

Help man the 'Mirror 23' stand in dingy exhibition area - the first thing you see when you come to the Southampton Boat Show (13th-22nd Sept). Free tickets in exchange for your help!

Loan me a decent combi trailer for the boat to sit on - Sorted! Thank you Mersea Trailers.

Loan me some chairs, table and a sun/rain cover - with 'Blah blah are proud to sponsor Mirror 32' on it.

Some paint, varnish, etc.

Sweets, pens....

£500 so I can do a £1 raffle - 'Win this Mirror' in aid of 

Let's make the old mirror stand THE place to chill and chat. I'm asking Geoff Holt if he'll help man the stand for a few minutes. I need you too.

Cheers, Peter.