Here is an email from David Crum, of Newton Crum Insurance:

Morning all,

Peter Barnes, Commodore of Shearwater S.C., is exhibiting his ancient Mirror to promote interest in older boats and in particular the voyages offered by the charity Tall Ships Youth Trust.

I am happy to confirm that his policy providing £5m Third Party Indemnity extends to cover the time the boat is at the PSP Southampton Boat Show and indeed any other charity event in the UK.

Peter contacted Jodi earlier to ask if we would be interested in helping the charity and as the firm who has insured the first Mirror Dinghy and has insured more of them than any other firm in the UK, we would of course be happy so a copy of this is being sent to him so he can let me know via jodi.

When Bell Woodworking exhibited the prototype by actually building one at the National Schools Sailing Association exhibition/lecture event in Guildford I was a specialist speaker on boat insurance and on chatting to Bell’s people told them I had built a similar shape Penguin ply sailing dinghy a couple of years before but it was much heavier as didn’t use the stitch & glue method.  I was asked to quote to insure them and the rest is history as they say, including my overnight boat-building party (fastest build ever yet recorded)  in first floor flat in Notting Hill Gate and need to ‘launch’ the finished boat out the French windows by ropes as it wouldn’t fit back down the staircase – Daily Mirror got a photo of that into their paper and even Bob Fisher I think came along to help.


 David Crum

David has sent 'Tallships' a £100 donation and sent me 200 fantastic posters for me to give to people who donate to 'Tallships'. That could raise another £1,000!