Log 29.8.10 I was sailing this morning - big wind, little me, full Laser rig. Capsizing more than sailing actually. When I came in to the clubhouse all drippy Colin asked to 'have a word'. I got the mop and was standing there drying up my own puddle and he strips me or my remaining personal handicap! "You've helmed 5 more races than anyone else this season and you're still doing too well with your 10% intermediate experience bonus. Take it as a compliment." So, no more wins expected this year.

Log 5.9.10 Was asked to be a reserve for an away team race at Bristol and Avon Sailing Club. Said yes. I feel honoured - they must be desperate!

Log 19.9.10: The great Gilmer Cup day dawns! (See picture above) Took lots of photos, had a great lunch and competed part in the 3rd race. At this point the wind promptly dropped and I did one lap. We then had tea and cake and got the runner's up prize of a big tin of chocs and free beer. Great hospitality, thanks guys!