I'll try and relay as much of my conversation with Geoff Holt at possible - difficult since I was awe struck that this amazing man would stop and spent 10 minutes with me when there's so much more to do at the boat show. Geoff is almost exactly my age and he has lead the most remarkable life after an accident in his teens left him quadriplegic. He has sailed round Britain and across the Atlantic single handed  and has done so much to make 'sailabillity' happen.
I thanked Geoff for his book 'Walking on Water' and his honesty in telling his life story. He said he shuffled the chapters around because the sailing trip was so hard and he couldn't simply keep saying 'Today was really hard' without mixing it up with something more varied - at least I think that's what he said.
He told me about his latest power boat, on show at the 'try a boat' stand. It was so full of wheelchair users that he couldn't get onto his own boat!
I said I was a volunteer for The Tall Ships Youth Trust and that  'Stavros' wasn't accessible for wheelchairs Geoff replied that there was no point in getting hung up about adapting everything for wheelchair users because there were lots of other needs to be met. He had been denied his electric wheelchair on a boat in spite of sailing across the Atlantic in it!
Regarding his Solo Atlantic crossing (yet to be written up as a book) he had decided to do all the sailing and watches himself even though he had a BBC cameraman and a nurse on board. He told them when he was going to have a few minutes sleep and left them with instructions to kick him if they saw a tanker coming in their direction - rather than to wait to see what happened!
I still don't understand why this legend, this sailing hero, this clever and kind man was happy to talk to someone he knew nothing about. It seemed so unfair that I should have been able to read so much about his life and could ask him what his next plans were. All I can say, is Thank you Geoff. You're an inspiration!

Please look up www.geoffholt.com