Transcript. of entry 38. Tues 19th June 2012:
Wake up call don't sail with your eyes closed' - Found myself bearing down on Nic S. He had seen me change course and thought that I had seen him - so he didn't call out until too late. I was then indecisive about turning to go behind him and hit him mid-ships! (and him going up the lakeon Starboard too). Did a quick couple of turns but felt terrible! I was dozing, thinking what would happen if the OOD didn't know how to end the race. I shouldn't have worried. He did and I came last. 6/6 ugg. Full rig, light winds, but enough to keep moving almost all of the time. I was level with Catherine much of the time and had Bill and David behind me. They both won on handicap. Solos and Comets go well and have high handicaps. The Laser needs it's helm sitting over the daggerboard. My tiller is too short. I should extend it by 3 inches so I can push the boom out effectively.  I got the best start of anyone but came last - and the race didn't qualify because I used a full sail rather than my usual Radial rig. It's mortifying hitting someone and frustrating coming last, but at least it's a log entry!!!