Hi James,
I'm pretty sure that I'm the last person you'd want as your crew, but I'm free!
51 years old, 5 foot 2" and a keen dinghy sailor with a massive 2 1/2 years experience!
My 75kg is mostly flab.
Just to give you a laugh, you can check out my sailing website www.sailpb.com
Do write me a funny rejection email so I can put it on my sailing blog.


Thanks for the note. The problem is the three of us already on the boat are all a little on the heavy side which leaves us 55kg left for a fourth member, so I am afraid will have to decline your offer.

Hope you find a ride with another crew, it will be a great event.


Dear James,
Thanks for your reply.
Two weeks on only water, or a possible limb amputation may get me down to 65kg but I don't hold out much hope of going to 55kg for you. My mother-in-law would do, but then she is 82!
You have fun. Good luck with finding someone - or perhaps you can each put on 20kg? Just let me know if you do want me at the very last minute!