Just a great chance to meet up with all my sailing friends at Shearwater and to hire the club Comet Duo for the morning.
We can all dream of becoming great sailors like Bart was, and more importantly, raise some money to help others.
My 1st race was a dream. I had it on a plate: perfect wind to get me sitting forward and out, a start 5 minutes before the rest of the fleet and a well known course which gave me just three tacks from the bottom to the top of the lake. I was sweating buckets and had a dry mouth and racing heart. Calm down Barnesy - it's just a bit of fun. Not a bit of it. Every moment and ever movement counts when you hope you are still in the lead.
...and for a contrast, the second race gave me a poor start, and somehow I just kept hitting every buoy as I want past so I got plenty of 360 turns in. After a bit I got in Oli's way, so had to do a 720, and after that I kept Oli company at the back of the fleet. I've got the hang of sailing downwind backwards now, even with two jibe marks to boot. With a bit of effort I came last. I used to come last in the Laser without even trying.
Thank you Shearwater. Thank you Bart.