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Back from Glasto and racing again.

Posted by Peter Barnes on Wednesday, June 29, 2011, In : Sailing 
A lovely race yesterday, the four Laser Boys out front and a smashing 156563 course to follow. This is my first outing in Mirror32 where something didn't fall apart. Thanks to everyone who does duties at Shearwater and makes the racing possible. If only the last 39 duties were signed for I could stop trying to press gang members into doing duties. You know it's fun, just do it!
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Safety Boat cover.

Posted by Peter Barnes on Wednesday, June 15, 2011,
Did a sailing club duty yesterday and watched my assistants having fun in the safety boat. Here's a picture of another new member, (Will the Enterprise,) heading out to a lone dinghy across the lake...
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Wet and windy.

Posted by Peter Barnes on Sunday, June 12, 2011, In : Sailing 
Got to the club just in time to crew an Enterprise in the rain. Spent most of my time trying to bale out with a bucket and jumping out to the side when a gust came. Nice boat, but the self-bailers easily opened by crew's feet..
We had a 3rd place on the podium. Interestingly only 3 boats took part.

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My Ist Blog post - ever

Posted by Peter Barnes on Saturday, June 11, 2011,
Hi Guys,
What can I say? This will become more interesting from now on!

Here's what happened on Tuesday 7th June. I came 9th in a ten boat race. The 10th helm was offering his boat and crew (his wife) for 'any offers'. Apparently she had sent him round the course the wrong way and he spent most of the race 'unwinding' round the buoys.
My excuse for being last? None. I just can't sail a Laser very well yet.
 Now, I like to think I've got the hang of the mirror though....

 That's cool isn't it? Me ...
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