Jubilee Sailing Trust

...and it's a big thank you to the Jubilee Sailing Trust for a very enjoyable cruse round the Canaries in Jan 2016! The J.S.T. exists to enable able bodied and the less able to sail together, and this we did in some style. There were plenty of laughs as we climbed up the rigging (optional), set sails, helmed in the general direction required and took turns serving great food from the galley. Of course there was frequent 'shore leave' too... Despite eating lots, I came back a few ounces lighter, thanks to all the fresh air, sun and exercise. There was good company and heaps to do all the time. 

Try the Jubilee Sailing Trust website on http://www.jst.org.uk or look at lots of other voyages on the Classic Sailing website http://www.classic-sailing.co.uk/

On the basis that 'one photo tells a thousand words', here are some pictures:

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