Barnes' Dancing!

Be a fly on the wall at our New Year 2012/13 Ceilidh in Salisbury. This is extracts of Pat and Verity playing with me calling. 31.12.12. recorded on a Zoom H1.

cutcartwheel1st track.mp3

If you want to hold a Barn Dance, or a Ceilidh (I still don't know exactly what's the difference) within 30 miles of BA11 6PN, then these musicians and callers will help!

I've been calling as a hobby for about 20 years and the contacts below will give you plenty of choices of bands, from violin and guitar to a 10-piece combo called 'the Granny Smiths'. They provide the p.a. and all the entertainment you need for a fun evening of dancing for all ages and abilities.  I used to work for 'Hop-til-you-drop' and 'Spill the Whiskey' agencies. They're all good! I'm taking some time off from calling - I've done too much - so give these folks a call!

 A Typical Evening of Dances 

Flying Scotsman – 32 bar jigs,

Thread the Needle – 32 bar reels,

The Snowball – 48 bar jigs,

Lucky Seven – 32 bar reels,

Grandfather’s Polka – 32 bar polkas,

The Nervous Breakdown – 32 bar (American) reels,


Horses Brandle – 48 bar tune

Gay Gordons – 16 bar tune (no repeats),

Strip the Willow – endless slip jigs – fast!

Dashing Sergent – 32 bar reels,

Bridge of Athlone – 48 bar jigs,

Circassian Circle – 32 bar reels, marches, jigs, polkas…

Extra dances sometimes used:

Eightsome Reel – endless 32 bar reels,

Clopton Bridge – 32 bar hornpipes,

OXO Reel – 32 bar (you’ve guessed it) reels,

Seven Springs – children’s dance in g – 

Skelad: Uniquely lovely Box, spoons, keyboards and caller. They can do without the percussion, but would rather have him too! £360/£480. Bath/Warminster/Wells area. A snip!  Phone Steve on 07866 569052 or Sally on 01749 850605 (Sally also calls for Barn Dances)

Seona 'n' Co. Fiddle and Guitar or Accordion. Call Seona on 01479 850487

Sky Road Ceilidh Band: Debbie and Pete play Mandolin/fiddle and guitar, with yours truly calling dances to give everyone a good workout! From £420 all in. From Petersfield, Hampshire. Phone Debby on 07732672276

Cartwheel Ceilidh. Fiddle, Guitar and caller. A clear, crisp and somewhat famous duo playing traditional tunes beautifully, friendly calling of delightful dances. From £420 all in. Pewsey. Phone Pat on 01672 851332 

The Granny Smiths. They bring the whole family, playing fiddles, flute, guitar, bass, keyboards and drums.  Prices from £520, all in. Phone Denis on 01225 859767

The How-de-doodies Band: A Traditional 3-4 piece band playing Old time tunes with a swing feel, interspersed with simple dances for anyone who fancies a gig about. £450 all in. It's Denis again on 01225 859767

Here are other bands names and numbers: Merrick (Bristol) 0788 1646633. Mike Bird, a band called 'Jiggarty' (Bristol) 0117 9372614. 

and here are some callers:

Sally, 01749 850605,

Terry Lane, 01373 467253

Reg Hutchings, 01225 766425

Forbes Robertson, Bath 01225 858945

Fred 01225 722573

Debbie Webb (caller and agent)01225 867270

Tony Slinger, Bristol, 0774 9565977
I hope this helps. Expect prices from around £120 to £150 per person.

Howdown tunes.mp3

 You can book bands direct if you like. Here are some of the bands I recommend:

Raggle-taggle Great musicians, lovely people playing because they love the music! Sax, accordion, guitar, vocals, recorder, percussion and even a fiddle. The p.a. system isn't that great, but fine for smaller halls. Bath/Bradford-on Avon area only. Super Caller, Mary-Anne, who does lovely circle dances and other stuff. Book them through me before they go big! c.£300 - including caller. Phone Maryanne on 01225 862384

Here is a video of Raggle Taggle, with yours truly in Bass, taken at Leycock Abbey:

Great venues near Bath:

Rode Village Hall. A neat, clean venue with plenty of indoor space. 

Beckington Village hall. Ditto, plus a playing field to spill out onto.

Mells Tithe Barn, Lovely old building, nice garden area, small stage for the band.

Wick Farm, Farliegh Hungerford, BA2 7NQ 01225 722238 Superb venue inside and out. Spotless and fresh. So new there isn't a cobweb in sight. Probably a little more expensive than a village hall - but very special indeed.

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