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Updated 17.9.2022

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'The Hot Tone Rhythm Boys'. 

Jim Cook on Reeds, Nipper Lewis on Guitar and vocals, Peter Barnes on Double Bass.

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or listen to the Hot Tone Rhythm Boys while taking a sailing trip with me: 

and now for some sailing bumph..... 'Sold to the man on the left, one Hurley Silhouette Mk2 c1963! '

The Hot Tone Rhythm Boys?


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Now in our back garden.... 

A 'Dora' sunrise in Lymington as we take it easy between some awesome Solent Sailing. See my blog sailpb-blog.php and the special Dora page: dorado.php 

 For sale £550, including road trailer and 1956 Seagull outboard!

...and Challenger Voyage 353 to St Malo in September 2015: 320 miles, an overnight passage and five picturesque pubs. This is what fund raising voyages are all about. Thanks to my watch, Big Pete, Paul, Oli and the other watch for giving us such a good time! Check out my 'Tallships' page tallships-and-challenger-yachts.php , book on, and live life!

Have you noticed how much cheaper second-hand yachts are in Cornwall? Day Skipper Pete will deliver a seaworthy yacht along the south coast for you. Contact me for a chat about it on 07733619002.

Once again, have delivered a magnificent voyage from Portsmouth to London... and this was in January 2015. Where better for out last breakfast on board, than a swinging mooring beside Tower Bridge! See my blog sailpb-blog.php and click on the photos below:

Next up? Join me in Tenerife 1st - 7th December 2018 

Sailing Ventures' Day Skipper Course, December 2014. Terrific Fun! 

Enjoy the photos!

Sailing and Jazz - 

the perfect summer and winter combo! 

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Cornerhouse icecream.mp3

Mirror32 at the 2013 PSP Southampton Boat Show!  

The Southampton Boat Show organisers have given me stand A009 (arena) so I can promote the                                 'Tall Ships Youth Sailing Trust' ,                                                                             Shearwater Sailing Club 
and Mirror Dinghies in general. 
It's the 50th Anniversary of the first Mirror was being made - in 1963. No 32 is a great example and well worth visiting the show for....  Use the reduced advance tickets code EX12 on

 There's lots more on my blog page: sailpb-blog.php

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Watch the video by Robin Barnes on

Photos above by Robin Barnes. 

club weekend at Roadford Lake 2013

Mirror number 32 is for sale! Built in 1963 - Yes, it's the 50th anniversary of the Mirror dinghy.

Side by side: Mirror 1 (Falmouth) and Mirror 32 (Mine) side by side. Mirror 32 is going to the Southampton Boat Show!

1963- a good year for plywood. This Mirror, number 32, has just come out of 20 years of storage and was ready to sail - thank you ebay! I think this was taken just as I was about to tack. Otherwise, I've got problems explaining what I'm playing at to the RYA. Photo taken during Shearwater Sailing Club's trip to Roadford Lake, Cornwall.

This boat is now sold and has gone back home to Cornwall!

..and Peter and his mirror get a Yachts and Yachting write-up! "The fleet was led by Gently followed by two Mirrors including Peter Barnes number 32,"  For the full Monty follow this link: Yes!!!

Above, the QR code for Shearwater Sailing Club - just point your iphone at it! 

 Some hardy Shearwater club members sailed through the ice on Sun 3rd March! This is the 'just do it' centre for sailing and that's me on the left having an Easter Swim last year.

Join us every Sunday from 9am  to 3pm at Shearwater, Crockerton, Warminster.

Don't miss my blog: sailpb-blog.php

 Tall ships Youth trust's 'Assistant Cook Pete' working his passage across the Bay of Biscay to Tenerife on the brig 'Stavros'.  18 days of storms, swell and endless wind in November 2012. You too can discover what's in you by doing something like this!

More stories, including logs by Anthony and Sid of the voyage across the Bay of Biscay in November on tallships-and-challenger-yachts.php 

Someone has to do it - so I booked to go up the Irish Sea from Swansea to Liverpool. Here are some pictures. More on Flickr  It was cold, wet and tough in parts. What could a trip like this do for you? Find out by booking on You'll never look back, except to check that you're not about to be mown down by a Stena-line ferry! Live Life!

Above, the brochure picture and, on the right, us in a Force 6. Sailing, but not as I knew it!

Below, 'Top of the Mornin' Ray hits 12 knots while Pip, James 'May' and John brace against 30-degree tilt. Declan and Judith feed the fish and I call 'Tea at the Hatch'.

My cosy little bunk... 

Below: Air-sea rescue drill with the Irish Coastguard. We were doing 10 knots at the time.

First up the 2012 sailing season started on Saturday 10th Jan - round the Canary Islands on a tall ship. Check out where you could go with this splendid organisation....  there are heaps of photos taken by Ed, our team leader on Flicker:    

Below are some of Ed Sharkey's photos taken on the rigging:

It's me on the Fore-Royals, putting them 'in gear'. 

Winch anybody? 

Photos above are copyright of Ed Sharkey. Thanks Ed - and to the Captain and all the crew. You did us proud! 

Two on a laser at shearwater: 

and by the way, the sail number backwards spells PETER - well PETPZ - that's close enough. 

Here is Jennifer, sanding and painting Denis's bottom prior to his long trip to a new home at Orford Sailing Club. Lucky Denis! 

26442 hits Aldburgh, Suffolk. Having sailed up the M25 (behind our car) to Orford. This is me after completing my first 'passage' of 3 nautical miles. One of the numbers came off in the breeze.. 

On the left is our little squib sailing our new Laser. Have fun exploring our site, and if you need a life coach, a sailing instructor, a harpsichord maker, a web designer or a Barn Dance Caller, then I can put you in touch with one. It will probably be me.

Happy viewing. Peter Barnes, April 1st 2011.

 Today's top news: I've just bought the 32nd Mirror Dinghy ever made! It came up on ebay. Thanks to all the Shearwater Sailing Club members who came and see it being sailed for the first time in 10 years at Roadford Lake on May 7th and 8th 2011. I didn't sink: and here are the pictures to prove it!!!

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